Write before anything else


Wake up time: 6:00
Routine duration: 45m

My power morning routine is:

  1. Drink of water
  2. Write for 45 minutes
  3. Do the hand wakeouts

I’m working on a screenplay, so I write a lot. Carpal tunnel could be an issue from all the time I spend typing away. So after I’ve dropped all the crazy ideas I had while I slept the night before, I love to do a writing vomit. Just write without deleting anything. Just. Write. Don’t think.

After that I’ll loosen up with a carpal tunnel prevention Wakeout.


Hand health is something most people overlook, though it’s important to keep in mind in our tech-obsessed times. Exercise is also a good way to keep hands healthy, like calisthenics, cross training and weight training, anything where you use your hands a lot.

Love your morning ritual. Great way to start the day!


As a programmer and graphic designer I completely relate. When it got really bad I had to put my hands in ice cold water. Resting my wrists and the carpal tunnel prevention bits have taken so much stress off!