Workouts for the really overweight


Could you suggest workouts adapted to seriously overweight people (like, over 100 kg)? We‘re the ones who really need something like Wakeout, but overweight also sets some limitations to agility.


I agree.

Personally, I still use a cane, as I had a stroke years ago and am still recovering. I’d be great to be able to contribute with ideas and feedback.



I have a problem with stuff like mini-hops or push-ups :roll_eyes:, but otherwise I appreciate having a choice of easy exercises after waking up.

I also check the Health app on my Iphone from time to time, so deliberately take the stairs instead of the lift when I go to my office (it’s only one floor up…). I haven’t yet reached the point of getting off the bus one stop early and walking the rest of the way,though.



When we designed a lot of the existing workouts, we had physical limitations in mind. We’ve since added a “skip” button during a routine if you stumble on an exercise that you’re not comfortable doing. We have plans to take this to the next level and actually allow people to remove exercises completely from the overall pool.


Thanks! That was my first impression on the whole… apart from those one or two more challenging exercises, and the handsome musculature of the guy demonstrating them, which gave me a few doubts…:woozy_face:


Valuable feedback! We have plans to record hundreds of more exercises and use a more varied selection of models. But first, we’re getting the fundamentals right.


Please keep those with specific disabilities in mind. I am currently trying to elude shoulder surgery. My range of motion is very limited so overhead exercises are out for me. Maybe if in the corner you show an alternate excerise, lower impact.