🤝 Why did we include daily commitments?


Our mind is easier to influence than you think

What we often think, we often become, say the wise men. We built the daily commitment to use this axiom in your favor. Daily affirmations are a powerful way to influence your brain to do your bidding.

Getting into the habit of working out is one of the toughest ventures you can do. About 50% percent of people drop out of their workout regimen. It’s hard!

We included daily affirmations to fortify your commitment to be active and keep a positive outlook towards yourself. By setting a verbal commitment with yourself every day, and visualizing yourself being active, you increase the likelihood that you’ll actually follow through. Because being active is something you should take one day at a time. Each day is a new opportunity to do a little more than yesterday.

The idea is simple, daily commitments strengthen your will, which in turn entice action.

But it’s incomplete

We see a lot of flaws in the current implementation of the daily commitments. Like one Wakeout user told us “they feel like an imposition…”

But our intention to support you in your journey to being more active and energized through the day is there. Help us.

What would be helpful to strengthen your will to be active?
How can we better support you?

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