Wakeout not working


Hello Wakeout hasnt been tracking my completed sessions for the last two days, every time I start the app, the into screen (active or rest day) pops up and its blsnk. Please help. Thank you.


I have the same thing happening. I’m new to this app and like it, but every time I complete an exercise and close the app, it resets and when I open it next it’s asking if I want to start my active day. Help?!


Great customer service! I just cancelled my subscription.




today’s my first day with wakeout; looks like a good app

however the intro screen pops up each time I restart the app and it resets my workout history for the day

can you pl help fix it


Hi everyone! Sorry for the delayed response. A bug fix that will get this working is currently held up by the app store review team. We’re working with them to resolve the issues. Hopefully we can get this working soon.

@Miriyap Sorry for the late response.


hi pedro

problem solved with the update

one more question:
will the workout history be preserved if i change/upgrade my device?



Hi @ratan
Currently the workout history is only saved inside your device. We’re rolling out icloud support to save your data there soon.


thx @pedro
eagerly waitin for the update as i’ve to juggle b/w my devices quite often