🛠 The stuff we're working on right now - Wakeout


Hi guys! Even though we have a roadmap, nothing is set in stone. We’re building this for you, our subscribers, so anything you’d like to add, feel free to start a new thread, or comment below.

Here are the things we’re actively working on, and things we have in mind:

:hammer: = actively working on this

:sunglasses: New Features we have our eyes on

  • A button to quickly start a new Wakeout :hammer:
  • Siri implementation so you can ask Siri to start a Wakeout
  • More powerful Wakeout reminders
  • Integration with Apple Health
  • Improvements to the commitment screen
  • Tips and helpful articles in-app
  • Daily goals
  • More powerful statistics

:beetle: Bug Fixes

  • Fixing bug where end screen freezes
  • Fixing bug to prevent crashes at the change of year date



+1 for apple health integration


I’d like to see variations of meditation, such as loving-kindness, waking up and sleep. It’s challenging to have to go to so many apps.


We’ve looked into adding mindfulness exercises (we’re big meditators ourselves). There are interesting opportunities here, though at the moment we don’t see an easy way to squeeze this in (exercises + mindfulness). We’re completely open to this though, and will continue looking for ways to get this in as meditation is so important and beneficial!

Thank you for the suggestion!


I downloaded Wakeout last week and it’s been one of the most fun and gratifying apps I’ve ever bought. Absolute value!

Have you ever thought about including routines for couples? Also, I thought that there could be bonus wakeouts for the people that streaked for a month or something. I think these two could increase the fun even more!


Love it! It would be awesome to have a general routine you can make specifically for you and any thing you’re trying to constantly work on such as the neck or back.


Couldn’t this be as simple as making it a single exercise, either which fits into a new category or slots in to existing routines based on user preferences?
I love the idea of a short mindfulness break being added to my active day. 60-90 seconds would be great & adds up.


Good feedback! Even a few mindful breaths make a big difference!


What about incorporating Apple Watch also? Standing in line at the grocery store if a reminder pops up and maybe one or two suggested exercises I would do them to pass the time if nothing else.