☕️ Start the day with elaborate coffee brewing


My morning routine is essential for me to have a satisfying day. I feel off whenever I skip something, the energy isn’t there. I use a habit tracking app (we recommend Streaks and Habitminder) to list each step of my morning ritual.

It’s also really important for me to get through my morning routine before I consume any social media or check email. I avoid anything that would distract my mind from the calm, peace I feel early in the morning.

Wake up time: 5:45am
Routine duration: 45 m - 1:30 hrs

:sunny::zap: My power morning routine is:

1. Prepare coffee: I use elaborate methods, like the V60 or a Chemex—grind the coffee, heat water, prepare the filters, etc. This helps me wake up.
2. Plan my day: I have an app for big-picture planning, then another to time-block my day (Flow, Sorted3 respectively. I do this while sipping on my joe.
3. Meditate: I can’t start my day without at least a 10-minute session (I use Sam Harris’s Waking Up app).
4. Wakeout: Starting the day with physical activity is a must for me. I’ll often do a Wakeout, or if I have more time, I’ll hit the gym.
5. Protein shake with super foods: I blend some fruit, super foods like maca and cacao with protein powder.
6. Take my supplements: I take several supplements, but my essentials are omega 3, ginger, ginkgo biloba, resveratrol and the b complex.

All of this takes about 45 minutes usually (with a gym workout, add another 45 minutes). I’m usually ready to engage with the day’s challenges at around 7am.

If you guys have any suggestions on better meditation apps, supplements or protein shake blends, I’d lot to hear your thoughts.

Also, how do you prepare your coffee?


Nice! :wink:
Pretty elaborate routine. I like the planning your day part, might steal that from ya and put it in my own routine.


I’ve cut down on coffee. I’m waaay too electric. But I can see how going through the whole ritual of preparing your morning coffee can wake up right up. Nice routine.


Daaaaang you wake up at 5:45am? That’s boss! Nice routine :fist:


I do well with a routine, when I keep it. My problem is keeping one. Kudos to you! :coffee:


Thank you Dawn! I have a few suggestions to help you keep a routine:

  1. Make things visible. For example, if it’s supplements you’d like to take, keep them out in the kitchen. If you’d like to go for a long walk each morning, keep your walking shoes close to the front door.

  2. Use a habit tracking app. Apps like Habitminder and Streaks are great at nudging you to do your habits. Since we’re trying to build a new routine, it’s good to have reminders for the first few days.

Hope this helps!


Just downloaded streaks, thanks for the rec!


thanks for your suggestions! I’m going to try one of the apps :slight_smile:


Glad I could be of help! Let me know how it goes!