Not get fat for Thanksgiving


My activity goal is:

Gravy, mashed potatoes, cheese and grits, sweet potato casserole, millions of cookies, oh and pumpkin pie. Dear god! I want to stay active during the holidays to keep my weight just where it’s at right now!

Where am I at right now:

130 pounds

Why do I want to reach this goal:

Because I love how I look currently. :wink:

Timeframe to reach this goal:

Stay at 130 by January 2019


Lol! That’s gonna be tough! I’ll be away for my honeymoon during thanksgiving so skipping it completely. Perhaps you should think about doing the same? :rofl:


I would juice in the morning, healthy-snack all day, have salad for lunch and then have small portions of everything. Or, as @pedro suggested, leave the country for the holidays.


Oh my, good luck!

Let me know if you manage! You’ll be my hero. Haha.


I’d like to not get drunk for the Holidays. Is that even possible?


I suggest you get sick and let the antibiotics save you from the pressure. :sweat_smile: