NEW! Get the right exercise at the right time


:gift: We have a new feature out today that we’re very excited about. It’s the first of many features as a result of your feedback from the survey. We think a lot of you will get good mileage from it.

What you guys told us you like the most about Wakeout is that you can exercise in little chunks whenever and wherever a craving to exercise hits. This is why today we’re releasing an instant recommendation button that will suggest exercises based on the time of day.

If it’s early it’ll show you easy exercises you can do by your bedside. In the afternoon it might present a few more energizing movements that can help with the post-lunch downers.

The update is now available for download . Just head on over to your local App Store to update (unless you have automatic updates, then you probably already have it).

Our vision for Wakeout

The current recommendation algorithm is a relatively simple one compared to where we want to take this. Our vision with Wakeout is to be a location-aware, situation-aware and mood-aware exercise app that is able to give you just the right bite-sized exercise at the right time. We’re planning on having a pool of thousands of mini exercises from which to suggest just the right one for your specific taste, situation and location.

We’re just getting started. Thank you for supporting us to become the most fun and versatile exercise app in the world.


:scream:This would be so sick. Is this even possible?!