Morning Power Walks + Meditation + Juicing


Me and my partner have been doing these Morning Power Walks, inspired by this dude, Bentinho Massaro and man, have they been wonderful! Specially to connect with the energy of the Earth.

Wake up time: 7 am
Routine duration: 1.5 hours

My power morning routine is:

  1. Morning power walk* outside (with the doggy)
  2. 20-minute mindfulness meditation
  3. Juicing with fruit + vegetables + superfoods

I don’t know when I got so hippy-ish, but I can assure, it has CHANGED MY LIFE.
Check out this vid:


Really dig the concept of power walks. From Bentinho’s fb group:

“During these intention/power walks, you gather powerful energy and gather conviction in your ability to create and attract the most epic life for the benefit of all, including yourself.”

So what I understand, to practice the power walking you walk at a brisk pace while you affirm your personal ability to enact change in the world?

Sounds like your doggy is also getting into the power walks. Is he / she also getting pumped for the day? :relaxed:

Also, would you mind sharing a juicing recipe?


Yeah, it’s some sort of therapy and mindful walk to feel empowered and open to really make a change. And you should see our doggy. She’s definitely a happier one!

As for juicing recipes, mine are really simple:

  • Use pineapple as the base
  • Add freshly squeezed OJ
  • Add one small apple
  • Add spinach
  • Add organic celery
  • Add parsley
  • Add chia seeds and a small piece of ginger

They go varying according to what’s available. There’s also carrot, beet, lime, avocado and many more you could just blend in there too. It’s like feeling alive again.

Disclaimer: be ready to rush to the restroom! XD


Loved this!! Very inspirational!!! I’m gonna try it tomorrow on my morning run… a power run! :wink:


Let me know how it went :wink: