⚡️ How to get more energy to do more things


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What would you do with more energy?

By the time the sun starts inching towards the horizon, most of us are ready to plunge into the couch and call it a day. Our energy levels slowly dwindle, but sometimes even mid morning we can feel tired. So we start procrastinating, putting stuff off, making unnecessary cost-benefit decisions on how to invest the little energy we have left.

Ask yourself, how many things have you not done because of lack of energy? That early morning run you wanted, that article you thought about writing, that hobby you’d love to practice, or that business proposal you keep putting off.

:money_mouth_face: Time or Money isn’t the limiting factor. It’s your energy.

A lot of entrepreneurs I come across tell me how all their problems would fade away if only an angelic investor sprinkled a few bucks on their startup. We love to blame our lack of action on basic resources like money, or time. But in reality, I’ve come to believe the limiting factor is personal energy — how much effort can you put in to accomplish a given task.

Personal energy as a resource should be something you think about, manage and work to maximize. How well your mind and body responds after a sustained period of productivity is dependent on your habits. It’s possible to increase your energy output with the right daily behaviors.

If my cash-strapped entrepreneur friends had more energy (and a bit more drive), they’d be pursuing the capital they need day after day instead of just dreaming about it.

:sleeping: Energy black holes

First, it’s important to understand the things that rob you of energy. There are dozens of daily activities we all do that squander our valuable energy. I call these energy black holes, they’ll suck the energy out of you without a proportional benefit.

Energy Black Hole Examples:

  • Social media
  • An unplanned day (wondering what you have to do)
  • Dealing with toxic people
  • The news
  • Having too much on your mind
  • Being physically inactive for too long (like sitting all day)
  • Not getting enough sun
  • Smoking

:point_up: I recommend you do a list of habits you have that parasite on your energy every day.

:rocket: How to get more energy

You could just focus on getting rid of your energy parasites and the energy gain will be hard to believe. But there’s a lot of little things that you could add to your daily routine to increase your total energy. More energy means you can do more of what you love, which in turn means a more fulfilled person.

Energy Generators:

I’m not advocating you do all of these at once. But working on the stuff that steals your energy, and adding a few energy generators is a great way to increase your net energy, enhance your mood and your general life satisfaction. I encourage you to do your own research on how to increase energy and try out the things that resonate with you.


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