🔔 How to edit Wakeout reminder times


Triggers are a big part of forming a habit. You need something that reminds you to do the desired action. If you want to be more active, it’s important you activate and use the Wakeout reminders strategically through the day.

We recommend four reminders to do short exercises through the day. Two in the morning, two in the evening. This way, you’re taking frequent breaks, being active evenly through the day, and thus, preventing burnout, staying energized and staying mindful.

Editing the reminders is very easy. Simply tap on the little cog on the top right corner of the main screen:

Then edit your heart out so set the times in a way that best fits with your squedule:

When you want to build a new habit, it’s key that you set yourself up for success. Just wanting it isn’t enough. You need cues, triggers, reminders—things that snap you out of your current state and into the desired behavior.