✋ How to cancel or change an App Store subscription


App Store subscriptions are handled by Apple’s payment system and thus, any changes you’d like to do to your Wakeout subscription (or any other app’s) is done through your App Store’s settings. But it’s not at all obvious.

So in an effort to help everyone wanting to change a subscription to any app, here’s the guide to end all guides:

1. Go to settings and tap on your name (the top-most option)

2. Tap on your Apple ID to log in

3. Tap on View Apple ID when the popup comes up

4. Scroll down to find the Subscription option

Here you’ll be able to see all your active subscriptions, including Wakeout’s. Tap on any of your subscriptions to view options, like changing plans (from yearly to monthly, or vise versa), or cancel your active subscription.

:point_up: When you cancel your subscription, you don’t forfeit the remaining days in the period. For example, if you recently paid for a month, then cancel, you’ll still have the rest of the month that you paid for.

Any questions? Comments?