Great idea with the forum


Guys, great idea you had with making this forum. Wakeout has a lot of potential and the community around it is likely passionate about what you guys are trying to solve. I like the energetic vibe to it.

Suggestion, can you add a discussion for work out tips? I would be pretty valuable to have a place filled with workout tips, routines, etc.


I agree, it’d be nice to have progressions for beginners, especially for people like me who have worked out in the past but have slacked over the past months.

I’m gonna share what I’ve been doing in the past week:

  • Run for 5 kms (3.25 miles) on a treadmill using intervals
  • Complement with 3 series of 4 exercises, 20 reps, alternating between arms, core and legs

That’s been easy and has made me feel great and motivated.