Go swimming in the winter!


My activity goal is:

Swimming three times a week!

Where am I at right now:

I do not like conventional exercising. I’ve been sitting on my ass for the past 10 years without almost any physical activity. I did play basketball in high school, so I guess that has been keeping me alive.

Why do I want to reach this goal:

Because I’ve been dealing with high blood pressure for a while now, and I’m concerned.

How will I reach my goal:

By manning up and getting out early despite of the cold. Thinking that my health and my life depends on it.

Timeframe to reach this goal:

February 2019, but ideally, my whole remaining life!

Also, I want to cut down on the drinking! I drink at least once a week and I want to make it once a month. This one will be harder, for sure, but I believe the swimming will help. It has before.