Finding motivation in streaks


I’m gonna start by sharing what I’ve been doing in the past 16 days.

  • Run for 5 kms (3.25 miles) on a treadmill using intervals. Nothing too demanding.
  • Complement with 3 series of 4 exercises, 20 reps, alternating between arms, core and legs. Again, nothing too demanding…

My activity goal is:

To make the habit. Streaks here play an important role, as I go crossing the days off the calendar every time I go.

Where am I at right now:

My goal originally was working out for the weekdays and resting on the weekends, but I’m doing Sunday too, for “bonus points”.

Why do I want to reach this goal:

Man, the 30’s hit me and I noticed how my body started changing and how my energy levels decreased significantly so I thought that the time to make the habit again is NOW.

How will I reach my goal:

I have the best ally supporting me! Having someone for accountability along the process has been crucial.

Timeframe to reach this goal:

I’ve got 14 sessions more to go to get to my first milestone so yeay!

Listen: don’t wait any longer. Just start. Start small. Find someone to support you. Reward your every step along the way. Just do it!