Fast habit for a healthier lifestyle


So if I can share one of the things that has helped me the most in balancing my life and staying healthy is creating a fasting habit. currently I do 14 hour fasts, usually from 8pm to 10am.

My case is a very particular one. I was living abroad and was constantly doing exercise(Crossfit) which pretty much allowed me to not need any extreme measures when it came to diet and eating habits. I then suffered an injury that forced me to come back home(Guatemala) to do therapy on and my active lifestyle dropped quite significantly. As I started to gain wight, not the good kind of wight :P, I thought I needed to make a change.

I do have to say, that before starting to create a fast habit you do have to begin a low carb high fat diet. So thats what I did, along with counting calories. When you limit yourself how much you intake it’s easier to start fasting. one thing I do not recommend is to start long hours of fasting from the starts.

Ease into it, and start with 8 hours one week, then 10, the 12 and so on. 16 hours is supposed to be the optimum in average, but I found that I work best at 14 hours. always be mindful of how you feel and adjust things accordingly.

Feel free to ask any questions and comment on what makes you live a healthier lifestyle ;).



I’d never heard about fasting for a healthier lifestyle. I fast twice a month for spiritual reasons and its made me feel more in touch with “the heavens”, if you will. It actually feels like a “material” cleanse, I don’t know if that makes sense. But now that you’re mentioning it, I’ll look into it as well. Interesting…


I’d been reading about 2016 Nobel Prize of Medicine, Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi and his studies on fasting and its benefits for the body, @Papifuego and @vivianne, you should really look into them:

Studies have actually shown that cells live longer and mitochondria make more energy in times of starvation, fasting, or calorie restriction, compared to when eating regularly. (2,3) Other studies suggest that regular fasting or calorie restriction (without starvation) can naturally hack the aging process in numerous ways. Calorie restriction has been shown to boost levels of nitric oxide, a Nobel prize-winning molecule that delivers essential rejuvenation and detoxification to the body.

You can read more here and investigate more: