Expanding my consciousness 3 miles at a time


My activity goal is:

Run 3 miles, five days a week, for two months (to begin).

Where am I at right now:

I’ve been doing this for a week now.

Why do I want to reach this goal:

I had just been walking the dog for some months and realized that there are diverse goals in my life that have to do with getting out of my comfort zone, so this is quite the step for me. It’s become a part of my spiritual journey, so to speak. First chakra for the win!

How will I reach my goal:

I told my sister (who is really fond of exercising and pushing her limits) to coach me. I’ve been getting up earlier no matter what (I’m NOT a morning person). I’ve made a promise to myself in this regard that there will be NO excuses.

Timeframe to reach this goal:

January 7th, 2019. Then, I will obviously expand it.

If there’s that little voice inside of you telling you to take the step, to reach further, to aim higher, but haven’t felt motivated enough, talk to me. I’ve been struggling with existential issues that have somehow halted me from reaching my potential. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m definitely on my way! Exercising sends a clear message to your mind: You are capable, you are valuable, you can have a better life. Plus, those endorphins are priceless!

Love you all!


This is very inspirational! With all that positive energy and that meaningful reasons behind it I have no doubt you’ll reach your goal!


Thank you @ggbb ! I think I hadn’t felt this inspired in a while. And the people in this forum are all really inspiring, too!