Charge the morning, win the day


I like to spend mornings focused on biz, with minimal inputs.

Wake up time: 7:23am
Routine duration: bout an hour

My power morning routine is:

  1. Wake up, drink a lot of water, brush teeth
  2. Put on some music and coffee (my fav is mushroom coffee by Four Sigmatic)
  3. While the coffee’s brewin’ I’m dancing around / active stretching / moving around to loosen up
  4. Check email and Slack to see if there’s anything I need to handle immediately
  5. Work/communicate for maybe 15 - 30 minutes to make sure my morning is clear.
  6. Shower, then smash the most important goal of the day.

The goal is biz/creative focused and lasts 1-4 hours. After that I head out for a fitness break, feeling accomplished and ready to carry the momentum through the rest of the day.

I usually don’t eat until after fitness break (around 1). If I feel hungry, I’ll put coconut oil in my coffee to kill the hunger.

Woohoo mornings! :metal:


:metal: What a great vibe with which you start the daily grind! Dancing around, :sweat_smile: I’ll add some music while I brew my coffee, dance around (with headphones though, don’t want to wake up the misses). Good tip.


I got pumped just reading your morning routine! I’ll start my mornings just by reading this, and bam! Energy!

Well done man! :exploding_head:


Haha nice chaaaaaarge iiiiiiiiit :fist:


I love this @joe. I’ve also noticed that the more agile I am in the morning, the more I get done. And the dancing, wow. The dancing should really pump the day!

A friend recently told me about the 5Rhythms dance. It mixes meditation with dance and flows accordingly to 5 states of mind/body/consciousness.

You’re all welcome to check it out!


Nice thanks for sharing, feel I got transformed to an outdoor yoga class in the jungle :grinning: