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🤝 Why did we include daily commitments? (2)

Our mind is easier to influence than you think What we often think, we often become, say the wise men. We built the daily commitment to use this axiom in your favor. Daily affirmations are a powerful way to influence y…

🔔 How to edit Wakeout reminder times (2)

Triggers are a big part of forming a habit. You need something that reminds you to do the desired action. If you want to be more active, it’s important you activate and use the Wakeout reminders strategically through the…

✋ How to cancel or change an App Store subscription (2)

App Store subscriptions are handled by Apple’s payment system and thus, any changes you’d like to do to your Wakeout subscription (or any other app’s) is done through your App Store’s settings. But it’s not at all obviou…

It doesn't work on my Apple Watch (1)
No sound since update (3)
Too many reminders! (1)
Cannot navigate to previous weeks' log (3)
Wakeout not working (8)
🏖 Take a day off (1)
📈 How to check your workout statistics? (1)